“Don’t Push The River…It Flows By Itself”

A4920219-8A9F-4EA5-8AF9-90952EC49E32On my second day of sabbatical, I woke up early again, this time to walk the labyrinth in Frankfort.

678A7FF4-8757-4408-847F-7B5F6BB5C7E32B4E3C76-FB2F-42B7-AEE0-1F28F3DFC43AFrom the beginning of the walk, I felt different.  I had a really difficult time centering.  Monday just felt like a long weekend with a day off.  Tuesday felt like I needed to get back to work.  There was this anxiousness from within that kept me wanting to rush through the walk.  My inner voice was trying to tell me: “Hurry!  You have stuff to do!”  I had to stop again and again and take deep breaths.  A quote from Lauren Artress book “Walking The Sacred Path: Rediscovering the Labyrinth as a Spiritual Practice” rose from within me.  In my copy of her book I have underlined it, stared it and circled it.  “Don’t push the river…it flows by itself.”  ( p 89)  Our ego, she says, attempts to force us to make something happen.  I wanted to force a quick experience and move on to my day.  What did I have to move on to that was so pressing?  Laundry?  Shopping?  Allison’s graduation celebration?  Sure, some of that needed to be done, but not then.  In Children’s Worship & Wonder we tell the children to not hurry, we have all the time we need.  I needed to claim both those quotes.  “Don’t push, you have all the time you need.”

As soon as I said the words, I could smell it…the sweet scent of honeysuckle.  All my senses opened up.  It was cleansing.  FDC2B6A5-76DC-44F7-A32B-2C72606B28D2AE9061FD-E156-4126-9280-A1B300508280I was trying so hard to force my walk that morning I didn’t even notice the labyrinth was surrounded by honeysuckle and other beautiful blooms.4E67A07B-D395-49ED-B6A6-A6977FF23F3EBreath in.   Breath out.  An important part of spiritual growth is to learn to listen.  Listen from within ourselves and from without.  It was not long before I was on the labyrinth, singing.

Oh God, You are my God, and I will ever praise You.  I will seek You in the morning and I will learn to walk in your ways.  Step by step you lead me.  I will follow you all of my days.  

Setp by step…trust.  To walk a sacred path is to know and trust that there is guidance along the way.  We don’t have to force the journey.

On your path today may you sense the Guidance of God.

Peace & Blessings on your journey.

Author: revmickimchugh

I'm a wife, a mom, a pastor taking an intentional journey to hear God more clearly and follow more closely.

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