Walking as a Pilgrim or a Tourist?

Walking as a Pilgrim or a Tourist?

I walked three different labyrinths in the past two days, all in very different places.  One was out side an historic Catholic Cathedral in Santa Fe.  (It’s actually a Basilica, the Pope has visited it). One in the middle of the desert at a retreat center.  One at an organic lavender farm.

So much to reflect over,  I can’t possibly share it in one post.  While walking the labyrinth in Santa Fe, at a place I’ve visited a few times but never to walk the labyrinth and praying in the garden of the stations of the cross, I saw a tour buse pass by.  I realized I don’t just want to live like a tourist that moves quickly through.   I long to linger, listen, learn and even be transformed.  I will share more of the ‘transformation’ I feel taking place already on this journey.  I experience and saw so much more as I slowed down to see and listen.  A pregnant woman who will soon give new birth.  A foreign couple in awe of southwest culture.  The expressions on the many faces of Jesus of the sculptures on the stations of the cross.  The sound of the wings of a bird flapping as it soared over my head.  The pure silence in the desert.  The colors of the mountains.  The deer that gracefully and quietly walked past the labyrinth while I walked it.  The beating of my heart as I hiked in altitude of 6500-7000.  So. So. Much.  It’s late.  For now I invite you to see a glimpse into the ‘Walking the Sacred Paths’ I’ve walked this past few days. I truly have felt the Spirit on the path with me.  What ever paths you’ve walked this day, I pray you too have felt the Spirit with you.

My walk in Santa Fe.  I encourage you to look more closely at the sculptures. Look at the expressions.

My labyrinth walk and hikes at Ghost Ranch.

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I'm a wife, a mom, a pastor taking an intentional journey to hear God more clearly and follow more closely.

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