So many paths. First: New Mexico.

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It has been a whirlwind time of visiting family and just being with Bill, Allison and Jordan.  I have taken so many pictures I’m not even sure which ones to share.  It has been a gift to be able to spend so much uninterrupted time with family.  We left the morning after Allison’s graduation for New Mexico.  I spent the mornings on my Aunt Sarah’s patio.  We both spent time on our morning devotions.  We talked and shared stories and memories.  I learned so much about my mom and my grandmother that I did not know.

I spent time with my brother, Bob.  Time with him is always life giving.  He is a soulful person.  When he asks you how you are, he means it.  When he looks you in the eye, he is right there focused with you.  I miss him.  I finally got to spend time with my niece, Mati,  and her beautiful daughter, Lylah.  The visit was brief.  The time spent with my cousin Davelle left me with so much joy.  The week in New Mexico almost felt like coming home.  For one who really does not call any particular place ‘home,’ it was a unique experience.

Jordan, Bill and my brother had an amazing time fly fishing together.  I shared in a previous post some of my experiences with labyrinths at Ghost Ranch. the Purple Lavendar farm and the Center for Contmplation.  I will share in another post about my last labyrinth walk in Albuquerque.  What has risen from within me from these walks will need it’s own post.

Time with family, deep spiritual reflection and some good New Mexican food made our visit amazing.

The view from my Aunt Sarah’s patio.

Exploring Petoglyph National Monument was amazing.  90% of the images date back between 1300-1600 AD.  It’s kind boggling to think of the feet that have walked among these paths 1000’s of years ago.

We enjoyed our visit to the Pueblo Museum.  The dancers were so moving.  I loved her commentary of the drum being the heart beat.  The connection to the earth and their ancestors moves me every time.  The circle of life spiral is similar to a labyrinth.

The hike on Sandia Peak beautiful.  It was 98 degrees down in the city and a nice 75 degrees in the Sandia Mountians.  10,000 feet elevation.  I’ve been here many times, it’s always beautiful!

Bill, Jordan and my brother had some time on the San Juan that will be life long memories.  There were fires around NM and their  fly fishing plans had to be adapted.  Most of the state parks were closed so it meant driving a little further.  It was worth every mile.


We decided a journey back to New Mexico will happen again.  The miles are long but the family and connections to that special place is worth the journey.

Blessings on where ever you journey today.

Author: revmickimchugh

I'm a wife, a mom, a pastor taking an intentional journey to hear God more clearly and follow more closely.

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